Food packaging

New in 2018: the So'Pack standard packaging range

Standard food packaging

CGL Pack has developed a new range of standard food packs designed for adaptation to your products. The innovative range of premium containers includes trays, pots, lids, goblets, cups and blister packs suitable for your ready meals, fresh products, snacks, fresh meats, bakery products, dairy products etc. The market for takeaway food has never been better and that's why the teams of our packaging design and R&D departments now have a specific focus on food packaging solutions adapted to this form of distribution.

FRESH RANGE: packs for takeaway fresh produce, salads & dairy products

Thermoformed transparent round, square or personalized trays designed to highlight your fresh salads, delicatessen salads, ready meals, fruit, vegetables, fruit sauces and compotes etc. The premium and modern design of our Fresh range food containers will give you the edge over your competitors.

  • Very transparent containers
  • Lidded or sealed versions
  • Packs ensuring optimal freshness
  • Recycled APET-based material

ILIKO® RANGE: packs for snacks, delicatessen & other food to go products

Takeaway sales and snacking are ever more popular modes of nomadic consumption and this range of thermoformed trays and bowls is particularly suitable for packaging hot or cold food products. To showcase your products, opt for our Iliko® transparent packaging solution, practical containers with trendy design for your catering products, bakery products, patisseries and fresh cut fruit and vegetables...

Food can be consumed directly from the pack as the lid is removable for greater practicality.


OPTIMUM RANGE: packs for prepared foods & caterers, cardboard-plastic combinations

This range of trays combines cardboard and plastic to optimize your communication but allows for instant separation of the two components. Mechanization of the combination is very easy to achieve. Optimum is a recyclable pack which incorporates recycled material (RPET) for cold dishes or polypropylene (PP) for hot food.




Our standard thermoformed packs will be a lasting factor for the protection and safety of your food products. You will have the benefit of our food regulatory expertise and knowledge of all the applicable standards.


Our CGL Pack food packaging collection is the product of our in-house design office. With its innovative packaging design and trendy modern forms, it will spotlight your products and provide you with truly seductive food packaging.


All our packs are eco-designed and most of them use recycled material (RPET). The CGL Pack's range offers a large choice of ecological packaging solutions whether mono-material or combining several materials such as cardboard and plastic.