Plastic materials

The composition of CGL Pack's products

CGL Pack is a thermoforming specialist and its partnership with Faerch Plast places us in a position of materials expert. We prefer the use of recyclable or mono-materials to improve the environmental footprint of the packaging solutions we offer our customers for the marketing of their products. All the materials we use entirely conform to the strict European legislation in force. We equally concentrate, within our R&D department, on the use of materials possessing particular characteristics such as sealability, resistance to heat and cold etc.

CGL Pack uses extruders to process APET, PS and PP. Faerch Plast is a CPET specialist and offers a very broad product range in that material.

The main materials currently employed by the Group for the manufacture of plastic packaging possess the following characteristics:

APET: amorphous polyethylene terephthalate

APET is a material characterized by extreme transparency, solidity and resistance to shock. Tests equally prove that it performs very well with regard to internal pressures and stress-cracking and provides an excellent barrier for gases, ultraviolet radiation and water. It can be used at temperatures ranging from -40°C to +70°C.

Lids, salad trays and other packs requiring visual highlighting of the product have every interest to be designed using APET.

2 major types of PET are to be found: APET (amorphous PET) and CPET (crystalline PET). The 2 materials have different properties associated with their degree of crystallinity. APET is amorphous, which accounts for its great transparency, while CPET is partially crystalline, which both makes it opaque and improves its resistance to temperature (see the paragraph on CPET below).


RPET: recycled polyethylene terephthalate

Today, the recycling of mineral water bottles provides an important source of APET designated as RPET, i.e. recycled APET giving a second lease of life to those bottles and providing a lower carbon footprint than for non-recycled materials. CGL Pack has fully mastered the processing of that material and possesses an extruder capable of absorbing the flakes of shredded bottles and transforming them into plastic sheets ready for thermoforming.

PET transparent pack


Clearseal® is a special manufacture of CGL Pack which facilitates the sealing of thermoformed trays even in difficult conditions and which makes use of a PET-based mono-material. Clearseal® is an alternative to packaging solutions requiring the mixing of several materials and which thereby disrupt recycling.

Sealable pack

CPET (crystalline polyethylene terephthalate)

Mainly used for ready meals, CPET is manufactured from ethylene glycol and terephthalic acid. The material is partially crystalline, which makes it opaque but also ensures great stability which allows CPET to resist high temperatures, thus making it an ideal material for products to be reheated in traditional or microwave ovens. Almost all CPET products have an APET covering which enables excellent sealing and gives the product a glossy finish. Very precise mastery of the level of crystallisation of the material makes it possible to submit the product to temperatures of between -40°C and +220°C. In addition, it provides an excellent barrier for oxygen, water, carbon dioxide and nitrogen.

CPET tray

PP: polypropylene

Polypropylene is translucid to opaque and very resistant. Depending on the type of PP, it can resist temperatures of about -6°C to 125°C, so is suitable for freezing as well as for microwave heating. It is often employed for food packaging given its resistance to temperature and grease and its smooth and brilliant appearance.

CGL Pack possesses an extruder dedicated to manufacturing this material.


PS: polystyrene

Basic polystyrene, known as crystal PS for its transparent aspect, is a rigid and breakable material that can be coloured. Its mechanical and thermic properties can be modified by adding plasticizers to transform it into so-called shock-resistant polystyrene. The material is very easy to process.

CGL Pack possesses an extruder dedicated to manufacturing this material.