Trends and innovation

Function-focused patented packaging concepts

Our design, marketing and R&D teams analyze current market trends to create innovative, eco-designed and functional packaging concepts, applying an approach which typifies CGL Pack's acute sense of innovation and imaginative observation of the markets.

TURN’N SHAKE®: a shaker-based packaging solution which lets you dress your salads without opening the pack

An astute pack for salads and other fresh products which lets you dress the content without opening the pack. No risk of projections since you shake the pack without opening it. After partial consumption, the pack can be reclosed.


PRESS'N SHAKE®: a packaging solution which lets you release your salad dressing without opening the pack

This packaging concept lets you dress your salad without danger for your fingers: squeeze the sauce compartment, the sauce is liberated and all that remains to be done is to shake the pack, open it and enjoy your dish.


ABSORPACK®: a honeycombed food tray that absorbs liquids (juices)

Food trays for meat and fish often include an absorbent pad to capture the product's juices, no longer needed if you choose Absorpack®, a honeycomb base that does the same job but adds an excellent presentation for your products.


CLIPSEAL® 2 CLIPS: reclose your pack thanks to its clippable plastic seal

With the Clipseal 2 Clips packaging solution, you can eat part of the product at a time whilst keeping the remainder fresh: the cover can be replaced on the tray and the 2 clips under the seal hold the film in place to reclose the pack without needing a lid.


CLIPSEAL® CARTON: reclose your pack thanks to its replaceable cardboard seal

The principle of this packaging solution is simple: the tray is sealed with a plastic film plus a cardboard insert; the two can be instantly separated and the cardboard insert can be repositioned on the tray for continued protection of the contents in the event of only partial consumption.