Our corporate values

Committed teams

"Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success"

At CGL Pack, we attach great importance to these values which impregnate the training we provide each year to our 250 employees. A team of about 35 operating managers meets each year to share and relay the Group's strategy.


The primary responsibility of the CEO

The company's human relations policy is the primary responsibility of its CEO who defines its nature and contours as the person with the foremost responsibility for the company's lasting progress in customer service.

The policy defined is intended to provide guidance for the management of the Group's teams as a whole, as a matrix on which each manager may rely for support in discharging his or her daily tasks. It thus serves to cement the Group's unity by defining rules of conduct inspiring best practices on the part of all.

Consequently, in this respect there is little scope for negotiation since the policy is a necessity for all persons exercising authority in the company, the precondition for the common good we seek.

Sylvain Raux, CGL Pack's CEO

Sylvain Raux, CEO of CGL Pack


Our vision of human relations

Each employee assumes an area of responsibility for the exercise of which he or she is called upon to express his or her talents and abilities.

That responsibility is exercised within a framework of appropriate autonomy and liberty and with the goal of contributing to the enterprise's progress on the basis of an orderly approach to the achievement of the enterprise's collective good.

An orderly approach is defined as one that:

  • Respects the applicable areas of responsibility of each other employee
  • Confers powers consistent with the responsibilities exercised
  • Creates the conditions for inspiring the desire to achieve

Human interrelationships

  • Granting your confidence without reserve and leaving scope for taking initiatives, experimenting and innovating
    Deserving confidence requires in return that you: - Account for your actions - Assume your decisions - Recognise your errors
  • Demonstrating an open mind and curiosity, as a means of facilitating self-questioning and the ability to adapt
  • Recognising that it's by helping your team progress that you progress as well and help the enterprise progress