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On opening a page of our website, you saw a message noting the presence on the website of “cookies”, namely files installed on your terminal (computer, smartphone, tablet etc.) designed to collect information about your navigation. Hereafter, you will find explanations in that respect as well as the means of configuring the cookies in accordance with your choices.

Description of cookies:

A cookie is a file containing information about your navigation which is recorded on your hard disk by your web browser when you visit a website. The file enables the server hosting the site to identify and recognize you throughout the lifetime of the cookie.

Why use cookies?

There are 3 types of cookies which we may use.

Most technical cookies (such as session cookies) are indispensable for the proper functioning of the website. Their suppression may provoke difficulties of navigation.

  1. Technical cookies

Technical cookies are indispensable for the website’s functioning. They enable access to protected areas (e.g. professional areas) via session logins and passwords. They generally have a very short lifetime.

  1. Web analytics

These cookies collect information about your connection so that the owner of the website may understand the number of visits to the website, the average length of each visit, the pages most visited, using which web browser, etc.

Google Analytics generates a cookie possessing a unique identifier which collects your IP address in order to identify the city from which you connected to the website without, nevertheless, ever being able to know which computer or which person you really are.

  1. Social network cookies

Our website contains links towards Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. which allow you to share our website content with other persons. If you click on such a button, a third party’s cookie is installed after obtaining your consent. If you are connected to a social media at the time you browse our website, the buttons allow you to link the content consulted to your user account.

How to manage cookies?

There are several ways in which you can manage cookies. Any configuration you undertake will be liable to modify your web browsing experience and your access to certain services which require the use of cookies.

Managing cookies

At any time, you may express and modify your choices in respect of cookies by the means described below.


  1. Configuration of your web browser

Each web browser may be configured to authorize or prohibit the presence of cookies on your terminal:

List of the applicable procedures:

  1. Opt-out

You can equally configure your choices directly on the platforms allocating cookies by using the following links. But NB in the event of refusal of a cookie, your terminal will record a cookie uniquely designed to deactivate the services associated with the cookie, so if you delete all the cookies on your terminal via your web browser we will no longer know you have chosen that option.

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How to manage cookies?

For more information about cookies, you may consult the CNIL’s website at the following address: