Acquisition of CGL Pack by Faerch Plast

Date Tuesday 24 July 2018
Finalization on 28 June 2018 of the sale of CGL Pack to Faerch Plast

CGL Pack / Faerch Plast

The Faerch Plast Group is a major food industry player with particular materials expertise including the manufacture of CPET food trays suitable for warming in traditional ovens.

The Group now possesses 8 manufacturing locations in Denmark, the UK, Spain, France and the Czech Republic. With CGL Pack, Faerch Plast complements its product portfolio by adding customized thermoformed packs, obtains production capacity in France, reinforces its capacity for innovation and obtains access to new markets in France and in France's surrounding countries. For CGL Pack, the merger offers numerous opportunities for development and an acceleration of our ambitions within the European market.

CGL Pack thus ranks as a leading player in the market for thermoformed packaging.

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