CGL Pack's packaging solutions

CGL Pack possesses strong R&D, design, development and manufacturing experience as well as a comprehensive vision of each product and its packaging. Our in-house teams are key to our success in designing and manufacturing functional industrial packaging solutions.

Design and eco-design

An in-house design office:

The designer obtains a comprehensive vision of all the inherent packaging and product constraints from manufacture of the product and through to the end of its life. Committed to eco-design, the designer's creativity consists in defining innovative and appropriate packaging solutions taking due account of the customer's imperatives: product brand and image, functional characteristics of the corresponding pack, target customers, distribution channel(s), supply chain requirements, quantities envisaged.

Packaging design
Packaging design

An in-house drawing office:

Our development team is in charge of preparing the industrial plans integrating your projects' technical feasibility.

To offer you the optimal packaging solution, we combine our teams' talents by associating, for any given customer project, the combined efforts of salesperson, designer, project leader and technician.

design, drawing office

Extrusion & thermoforming

Extrusion of PP - PS - APET

  • Extrusion for the purposes of in-house production of our own raw material
  • Integration of recycled materials (rPET)
  • Integrated design and manufacture of moulds
  • Polyvalent industrial capacity for small to very large production runs
  • Workshops equipped with shredders for the sorting and recycling of scrap

Industrial resources

  • 2 autonomous industrial sites
  • 27 thermoforming lines
  • 3 extrusion lines including a shift devoted to processing flakes (shredded recycled bottles)
  • 1 ISO 7 cleanroom
  • Workshops maintained under positive pressure
Thermoformed packs


  • ISO 9001-14001-OSHSAS18001
  • BRC IOP grade AA
ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 certifications