Food packaging

CGL Pack's packaging solutions

Customized food packaging

As an expert in the creation and manufacture of personalized food packaging, we have considerable experience in the field of rigid plastic food packaging. The food containers we design are suitable for cheese and deli products and for meat, prepared dishes, fresh and deli salads, fruit and vegetables... We design and manufacture unique and innovative packaging solutions such as thermoformed trays, pots, lids, bowls and cups.

Our technical teams are entirely at ease with the specific industrial requirements (sealing, modified atmosphere and long life packaging, sterilization, vacuum packaging...) and materials involved; we process the following materials: APET, PP and PS and assist you in choosing your food packaging solutions to make them as eco-designed as possible. We manufacture both mono-material food containers and packaging combining cardboard and plastic, thereby facilitating recycling and improving the environmental impact of the solutions you place in the market.