Our approach to CSR

Commitment to corporate social responsibility is a vector for better performance

Because we assume responsibility for our activity and for the products we market, we are committed to an approach of corporate social responsibility which guides our actions and our philosophy with regard to economic, environmental and social issues.

As a major plastic packaging player, we unambiguously assume our commitment to solidarity and publish an annual sustainability report.

CGL Pack's CSR approach focuses on 5 themes; we commit to improving our performance, on the basis of a continuous development plan, in respect of a range of indicators developed for those themes.

Thermoformed packs

CGL Pack's 5 major challenges for 2018

  • Governance:
    "Adopt a loyal approach to and sincere and balanced business practices with our partners" in particular via the signature of an ethical charter and the provision of training to the applicable managers.

  • Employees:
    "Attract and retain talent" via the development of appropriate policies for integration, monitoring of activity and the organization of lasting relationships with local schools.

  • The environment:
    "Reduce greenhouse gas emissions" by complementing our lifecycle analysis already engaged by the performance of carbon footprint assessments as a basis for the definition of appropriate action plans to reduce our level of emissions.

  • Products:
    "Encourage and promote solutions of responsible innovation" by pursuing our eco-design efforts with the goal of formulating responsible innovation proposals for all our product offerings.

  • Societal and economic issues:
    "Develop our policy of securing procurement" by ensuring the duplication of strategic materials as a means of avoiding stockouts.
Corporate social responsibility