Who are we?

A French market leader for custom plastic packaging for the food, cosmetics, perfumery, healthcare and other industries, CGL Pack has designed, developed and marketed responsible thermoformed packaging solutions since 1974, the date of the company's creation. To meet the need for more rapid marketing of certain products, CGL Pack has equally developed a standard packaging range designed for food applications (So'Pack) as well as a range of thermoformed counter displays (Blibool) and blister boxes designed for more general retailing applications (Blibox).

Thermoformed plastic packaging

The company is a member of the Faerch Group, the leading Danish specialist for thermoformed rigid plastic packaging for the agrifood industry ( The recent (July 2018) joining of forces of the two companies positions CGL Pack as a major supplier for the design and manufacture of thermoformed packaging solutions. Our industrial complementarity, the enlargement of our product portfolio and our strong European presence (with manufacturing locations notably in Denmark, Great Britain, France, the Czech Republic and Spain) mean that we are well placed to accompany our customers in the framework of their own international development.

Thermoformed packs

CGL Pack's mission: manufacture the most appropriate and responsible packaging to bring added value to your products. We combine technical expertise, industrial resources and the know-how of our design, development and production teams. Our positioning as a thermoformed packaging specialist offers you the benefit of a broad and state-of-the-art technological offering.

Thermoformed packs

At CGL Pack, we attach particular importance to constructing mutual relationships of partnership with our customers so as to provide them with the packaging most suited to their needs.

We believe that good packaging must protect, enhance and conserve your products to enable you to commercialize them in the best possible conditions. That implies a range of marketing, industrial and environmental challenges:

  • Packaging is a vector for commercializing products and selling them in optimum conditions: a product's packaging is one of the most important factors contributing to its sale. In modern retail outlets, it provides by far the most important relay between manufacturer and consumer. In the absence of a salesperson or advisor, it's the job of packaging to attract the customer, invite interest in the product and conquer him or her
  • Packaging has a role of protection designed to conserve the quality of the product stored: in the event of knocks during transport or falls during handling
  • Packaging is a vector of communication and a support providing information for the consumer
  • Packaging is best if eco-designed and with low environmental impact: by means of the choice of recycled or bio-sourced raw materials
  • Packaging must satisfy your processing requirements by meeting a certain number of criteria designed to facilitate the automation of your packaging lines

Packaging R&D

Eco-designing our packaging solutions and manufacturing with the objective of carbon-free growth is clearly a daily challenge and an integral component of our more global policy of corporate social responsibility already deployed for several years.

Stackable thermoformed trays

Constructing with our customers, co-developing, exchanging and sharing in all transparency are values that are dear to us and define our singularity. That relationship may then be the foundation of packaging solutions that may be customized or standard, depending on the circumstances, but that will always be effective and enhance your products.

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